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Educational Shower Curtains

February 10th, 2021

As children we are naturally curious, but we all retain a certain amount of curiosity as we age. We are able to absorb information if it is presented in a clear, easy to understand form and repeated. So, if you have an educational shower curtain in your bathroom and you visit the bathroom every day you will slowly start to absorb and remember the information presented. Most of life’s basic knowledge is discovered at an early age and usually forgotten by the time we’re adults. Amazingly enough we call have a natural curiosity that allows us to continually absorb everything around us. One of the easiest ways to learn and remember something is to see it over and over again. Whether you’re brushing your teeth, having a shower or soaking in the bath tub you’re bound to look at your shower curtain and have fun soaking up some cool facts without even trying.

Shower curtains can be educational if you choose the right one. Educational curtains are designed to be fun and with colourful illustrations look great in the bathroom too. Simple Memory Art (SMART) designs are amongst the most popular and they are available from Amazon for only $29.95. With an educational curtain you will bring a learning experience into your home.

Educational Shower Curtains:
– World map
– Water cycle
– Metamorphosis
– Periodic table
– Dinosaurs
– London underground
– Top 500 SAT words
– Travel destinations
– World flags

From learning about the water cycle and metamorphosis to familiarising yourself with the London Underground or New York subway routes. The water cycle is well illustrated with clear easy to read and understand labels. View the transformation of a tadpole into a frog and a caterpillar into a butterfly with the cool metamorphosis curtain. Familiarise yourself with the top 500 SAT words, brush up on your Spanish vocabulary or memorise the periodic table. World maps, with or without flags and travel destinations will allow you to become an expert Geographer. Other maps include: DC transit, San Francisco, Jersey, Washington DC, Boston and Chicago subways. What about a Hawaii state map or a detailed map of California. One of my favourites especially if you know someone who is a palaeontologist is the dinosaur shower curtain. Great for young dinosaur fans too as they can learn about dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals from this fascinating shower curtain. Get it gift wrapped with a personal message and shipped direct to the receiver for a special surprise.